Free Ice Cream


426 Selle Road Sandpoint, ID 83864

Call Us at (509)859-2434

We are a small family owned business. Our business is all about cheese!

Our food trailer is set up to offer samples of our cheese and the food that we serve.

On Friday and Saturday 11 – 3:00

We serve: Fried cheese curds, Grilled cheese sandwiches with a hot pepper jack and a classic 3-way cheese blend. You can order with bacon and ham or just plain cheese!

Cheese quesadillas with hot pepper jack and a classic 3-way cheese blend. You can also order this with bacon and ham, just plain cheese or a pizza quesadilla!

We also serve french fries and soft serve ice cream! Flavors vary.

If you come see us Thurs or Friday evening we have Burger nights! We sell specialty hamburgers with our cheese!

We also have a on site cheese shed that we sell our cheeses in.

Story behind the Cheeese Shed

This all started by selling cheese ends in a cooler at the end of our lane.

When we cut up a big block of cheese we have ends or cheese that isn’t the right weight so we sell them as cheese ends. We couldn’t keep cheese ends in the cooler so sometimes we would put bars of cheese in the cooler so we would have something in there.

We started thinking about a small shed that we could sell bars of cheese and cheese ends in. We keep adding new items to our inventory.

We have added yogurt, homemade jam, and seasonal fruit and vegetables that are grown in the West. Gift Basket coming soon!

We also sell produce when it’s in season,

Honey bears, jam (when available) and yogurt

Gift baskets will be coming soon!

Our cheese shed is run the honor system. It is open 6 days a week.

To see more about the cheese shed, or to see locations and times, please look us up on our website., facebook or instagram.

Brad Miller,

Selle Valley Creamery




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