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Located at: 502 Cedar Street, Suite D Sandpoint, ID

Imagine no boundaries, no limits, no preconceived notions, no right or wrong! Just you and your ideas; your choice of wood, your choice of grain, your choice of color, your choice of length, height and width, your choice of style! From craftsman style to modern rustic to contemporary, here at Misty Mountain Furniture, we can create it all. Black walnut, reclaimed barn wood, pine, alder, cherry, and bamboo are a few of the species we use to create pieces for our valued customers. Our custom design shop allows you to be the creator. We take your ideas and plug them into our design program, producing; three-dimensional perspectives of your ideas along with price quotes. Of course these are tweaked and messaged until you see the creation you imagined. We love manufacturing our customer’s ideas and often we reproduce these ideas again and share them with others.  What’s amazing is you can have custom created furniture and accessories at a very affordable price point. As well as fresh ideas, all our standard furniture designs can be customized to fit your individual needs. Don’t get stuck in a one size fits all world. Think outside the box; get what you want, what you dream and what actually fits in your space.



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