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HEATHER HOLISTICS Naturopathic Clinic


In practice for over 10 years serving the northwest locally and many over the phone.

Today’s science and labs provide valuable insights into ones state of health. Ancient medical wisdom offers the depth of knowledge and avenues of healing. Paired together, the two sets of methodologies merge into one holistic healthcare system.

The Chinese Medi​cal Advantage 

Much can be gained by looking at the tongue, as a blue print of the internal organs and digestion. Thus, distance does not hinder us being able to assist you if you can not come in to the clinic. Based on symptomology, and the qualities of your tongue as well as nails, provide us the necessary information needed to make recommendations.

Benefits of Relaxation Therapies 

The art of self care is the focal point of all our services. We believe in “Doctor as teacher” and serve as your facilitator of self healing. In office and long-distance wellness packages are offered to fit a variety of circumstances. It is important, as a holistic health provider for us to meet you where you are and provide just the right support to fit your needs. This ensures the greatest success possible.

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