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Moxie’s is located at Oak Street Food Court

Moxie’s is the brainchild of partners Angela Woods and Taylor Ward. Both longtime vegetarians, they found themselves frustrated with the lack of veg-friendly options in restaurants. After one too many underwhelming meals of veggie burgers and fries, the concept of Moxie’s was born.

Moxie’s mission is to create inventive yet approachable food for the Panhandle Idaho area. With a weekly rotating menu of seasonal baked goods and plant-based soul food, there is always something new and delicious to grub down on.

Ultimately the goal of Moxie’s is to create a late night diner in the heart of downtown Sandpoint, where all feel welcome. In the meantime Moxie’s is serving delicious veg-based food from the side of a ’61 Shasta trailer at the Oak Street Food Court, where even the most carnivorous don’t miss the meat on the menu.




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