Why it’s Important to BUY LOCAL

Why is it Important to BUY LOCAL?

To understand the impact that locally owned businesses have on our community you need to consider what our community would be without them. Locally owned businesses are essential and the heart of our community. On average they make up 50% of all sales, nationwide!

Local Businesses Have a Connection to the community

We all know locally owned business owners, personally!  They are our neighbors, our family members, our friends. Imagine everyone you know in your community that owns a business, no longer having that business. What would the impact be?  Please ponder that scenario.

I know, it is so tempting to save a few dollars and shop at that big box store or chain service provider but at the end of the day, who and what are you supporting? Does the owner of that big box store have kids that play soccer with your kids? Is that chain service provider sponsoring our local youth sports? The connections locally owned businesses have to our community are endless.

Your Support Makes A Huge Impact

When you BUY LOCAL you are supporting innovation, courage, diversity, family and friends. Your support means the world to every locally owned business in your community.

As part of the BUY LOCAL Family, it is our hope that with your small annual membership to this site, you will learn more about new and established local businesses in your community and when possible, make every effort to BUY LOCAL.

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